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Equipment: RE-2000A Rotary Evaporator
Equipment Type: Heat-Transfer Equipment -> Evaporator
Unit Type: RE-2000A
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Technical Parameters:
Usage: rotary evaporator a distillation device rotate uder normal/negative pressure, with constant heating, form the film, make use the different boiling point of the liquid material to get your target solvent.
Main Features: 1. AC motor, stepless speed regulation, no brushes, no sparks, long life 2. Automatic lifting, easy and quick operation 3. Sample removal and cleaning made easy 4. Stepless speed control and digital speed display 5. High vacuum, high performance 6. Teflon heating bath, even temperature, fully enclosed design
Description: heated by water bath(oil bath) to form thin film under the negative pressure condition, evaporate, then condense and recycle the solvent simultaneously. The apparatus are particularly suitable for the heat-sensitivity material’s condensation, crystallization, separation, recovery and so on.
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